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Dear Spotlight Productions Family & Friends,

Spotlight Productions‘Matilda’ auditions, performances and all Spotlight activities are now paused until the end of November. Rest assured that we are pursuing the best options to safely resume as soon as possible, and hopefully we will ring in the New Year together with our ‘traditional’ show and celebration.

You are more than a fan. You are family, and the hope of again seeing your smiling face on the stage, backstage, or in the audience is very special to all of us.

But this is only an intermission. Soon the spotlights will come back on, illuminating the stage in celebration, and the sound of cheering will echo—not just from the audience, but also from the stage—as we celebrate our return, together!

See you soon!

Spotlight Productions Community Theatre

Spotlight ProductionsSpotlight Productions has been entertaining audiences for more than 35 years. Each season, Spotlight presents both a Fall Musical and a Spring Comedy. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at 262-689-5337 or wbspotlight@gmail.com for more information.

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Spotlight ProductionsWe’re a talented group of volunteers, offering family-friendly, professional, and entertaining theater to the West Bend-area community. We encourage families to participate together in our shows, and to learn professional theater techniques from an experienced set of directors. We are proud to support programs through the City of West Bend such as Song and Dance, Summer Youth Theater, Music in the Park, Dancing Recital, and the Community Arts Outreach Programs.

Spotlight Productions Spotlight Productions Spotlight Productions

Spotlight Productions, recipient of the Team Spirit awardSpotlight Productions is the recipient of the Team Spirit Award from the Volunteer Center of Washington County, presented at the annual Champions of Change award ceremony. This is a wonderful honor, and we thank the Volunteer Center for recognizing our organization in this special way.

This is what was said about Spotlight:

“For more than 35 years, this family-oriented organization has been completely volunteer-based. With its annual shows, summer children’s theatre and education outreach efforts, annual New Year’s Eve show for the residents of Cedar Community, and more, it’s evident that Spotlight Productions believes in the power of what people can do collectively.”

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